Clément rums present a limited edition of their famous CANNE BLEUE quality. This year, Linea agency from the Spirits Valley presents a revolution that pays tribute and echoes the Clément Foundation new spaces dedicated to Caribbean contemporary art and unveiled in 2016. The bottle is a mix of graphic movements and innovation. CANNE BLEUE 2016 is the first bottle of rum in the world to use a decorative relief work. It is also the first bottle to apply Art&Touch® technology from Saverglass. This unique feeling brings conviviality and status to that range. This is demonstrated by the fact that it is already the most beautiful launch of the last 16 CANNE BLEUE editions.

customer : CLÉMENT
product : CANNE BLEUE – MILLÉSIME 2016
market : FRANCE


linea design manager : NATHALIE
designer : CAROLE