For the second year in a row, LINEA packaging design agency has imagined the new settings for CANNE BLEUE limited edition, the 2015 vintage of RHUMS CLEMENT. As every year, the 2015 edition follows the same colour line- an allusion to the sugar canes used for this agricultural rum made from a single variety. Inspired by the “blue colour-blocking” trend, the bottle is entirely covered with a sleeve adorned with many graphic facets. These geometrical games irradiate and hypnotise through their light games. The labelling which is both abstract and modern is actually a personal reinterpretation of the glittering reflections of the sun over the calm seas of the French West Indies.

customer: CLÉMENT
product: CLÉMENT – CANNE BLEUE 2015


strategy: CÉDRIC, CÉDRIC
linea design manager: NATHALIE
developer: CÉDRIC