Following the same aesthetic line as the ELGIN CLASSIC range, and in the purest respect of single malt class codes, this new whisky collection revives the new identity of GLEN MORAY distillery while adopting distinctive quality signs that are typical to its three age expressions. From now on, many characteristics enhance the perceived quality of this range. For each reference, the labelling is divided into two parts. The first one simply reveals the brand itself and focuses on the message it delivers. As for the second one, it establishes a certain dynamic within the range through its felted colour segmentation.
Subtlety and fineness of details have been the master words to establish its quality upgrading. Gold coloured borders are used to revive the labelling. The distillery is illustrated in filigree. The selected paper is textured. Besides, as the tactile experience has been put forth, a specific grain has been used for the boxes while a leather-like texture has been partly applied on the headbands that identify the aging periods.
The experience even goes further with the casing that has been specially edited for the 18 year old whisky. Its volume is more generous. New finishing touches confirm its upgrading. A new way to open the casing that is based on a lateral slide concept is suggested.

customer : BARDINET
market : FRANCE


linea design manager : NATHALIE
illustrator : AMÉLIE