Through the opportunity of the 9th edition of « Part des Anges », an exceptional Cognac decanters charity auction, the house of LARSEN unveils its first edition of a commemorative piece  dated 1952. The Baccarat crystal decanter is inspired from the iconic drawing lines of the « Drakkar » ship. Only six pieces of this edition are preserved today. Linea agency, in the attempt to magnify and relay the renewal of the Larsen brand, designed a daring and modern box for this occasion. Conceived to provide both exhibition  and safe transportation benefits, this box has been designed to bring continuity to the artwork… The design concept is essentially based on movement and fluidity, and executed with superposed translucent Plexiglas, recreating a dreamful marine atmosphere. Through this elegant piece, Larsen is clearly announcing its ambitions. The wooden case is entirely lacquer blue finished with the two Larsen Cognacs identity colors. It also comprises a hidden drawer with a sealed certificate of authenticity and the stopper of the Drakkar crystal decanter. The case is dressed with a mirror at the bottom, which sublimates the piece thanks to a subtle light reflection games.

customer: ALTIA GROUP
market: FRANCE


linea design manager: CHRISTOPHE, JEAN-MICHEL
designer: VINCENT
developper: CÉDRIC