The House of Janneau asked Linea to create three limited edition labels for « The Dragon Vintages« . This year, 2012, Year of the Dragon, was the luckiest year according to the chinese calendar. The House of JANNEAU wanted to celebrate this by launching three exceptional vintage armagnacs corresponding to three « years » of the Dragon: 1964 (Year of the Wood Dragon), 1976 (Year of the Fire Dragon), 1988 (Year of the Earth Dragon). The three hand drawn illustrations found on the labels were inspired by the magestic dragon silhouettes that decorate the walls of the Forbidden City in Peking. Each bottle is presented in a unique hand-made box  made from wood coming from the barrels that the House of Janneau used to age their old Armagnacs.

customer: JANNEAU

linea design manager : CHRISTOPHE
designer : CAROLE