The Val d’Orbieu company asked  Linea to work on the up dating of Cuvée Mythique. Created twenty years ago this iconic Languedoc wine rapidly became a real success on the international market scene. Linea’s knowledge and expertise were used to rejuvenate and energize this emblematic wine whilst  conserving its original identity. The owl, symbol of the goddess Minerva, the iconic element of this brand has been redrawn in a more refined style to give more impact and is placed at the base of the bottle as a signature. The general presentation of the label is more structured. The logo is defined in a more dynamic and impactful style as is the supporting text which brings status and legibility to the Cuvee Mythique. The colours of the label are brighter and more vibrant.

market: FRANCE


linea design manager: CHRISTOPHE
developer: CÉDRIC