Due to the great success of the TESSERON COGNAC’s SIGNATURE range, this time LINEA was entrusted with bringing up to date one of the leading product of the House: the CLASSIC range. Made up of four exceptional lots (XO Ovation, XO Tradition, XO Perfection and XO Exception), the range has gained in subtlety and elegance. For aesthetic reasons, the bottle changed and has the same shape as the SIGNATURE Collection. The labels and boxes are simple and elegant to focus on the most important: the valuable eaux-de-vie. Different stoppers characterise the set of qualities. Lots N°90 and N°76 have a wood-capped stopper while Lots N°53 and N°29 have a metal stopper, one with a silver colour, the other with a golden colour. The orange colour is ubiquitous with subtle metallic glints imparting depth and intensity and remains the brand’s iconic colour.

product : COLLECTION CLASSIQUE (LOTS N°90, N°76, N°53, N°29)


linea design manager : NATHALIE
development : CÉDRIC