For Cognac Seguinot, whose most important markets are in Asia, Linea created a range of products that  appeal to these consumers whilst remaining coherent with the codes and positioning of Cognac itself. The first stage of the project was to create an bottle shape. This original generously rounded decanter is enriched with easliy recognizable embossed motifs on the shoulders and a renaissance style engraving at the base. The creation of the block mark was guided by the need to have an identity that was easily compréhensible, recognisable and memorisable by consumers who do not use the roman alphabet. The decoration around the letter « S » of Seguinot is also typical of Cognac presentations.

customer: SEGUINOT
product: SEGUINOT – XO
market: ASIA


linea design manager: CHRISTOPHE
designer: NATHALIE
illustrator: CLAUDIE