Maison BOINAUD always had an alternative approach of cognac. The company worked out two news ways of perceiving this spirits through OAKER, a French oak aromatic enhancer and SMOAKER, stave’s chips for BBQ, both made from old barrels of Cognac. Two innovative products whose packaging creation was asked to LINEA, the Spirit Valley Agency. OAKER is a natural continuation in the universe of mixology while keeping visibly its Cognac roots. The label includes the classical architecture of traditional cognac labels and is at the same time up-to-date, hovering between modernity and craft. SMOAKER, is a straight continuation in the aromatic enhancer range. It has been designed according to the same graphical codes and it particularly asserts its smoked and wooded part through a metallised packaging suggesting a barbecue.

product: OAKER & SMOAKER


linea design manager: VINCENT
designer: HERVÉ