Created for the Remington Group in the USA, NUVO is a délicate sparkling wine mix  of vodka, peach, strawberry and passion fruits. Through this creation, Linea shows that the Spirits sector is innovative and can sometimes be near to the world of cosmetics and perfumes. This top of the range product is very appealing to the urban and active Young americans. Drink NUVO pure on ice, with champagne or with vodka. In the USA, this product is a great success.

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Just like the original NUVO designed by LINEA in 2007, NUVO LEMON SORBET has never been done before. It’s 25% alcohol but gives a refreshing twist of sparkling French vodka and lemon citrus that explodes in mouth. The yellow signature bottle is sleek like a yellow Lamborghini with an original striking graphic design that conveys the idea of Lemon Sorbet: refreshing, cold, crisp, sweet and tangy.
NUVO LEMON SORBET is made for celebrating!

customer: DIAGEO
product: LA GAMME


linea design manager: CHRISTOPHE
designer: NATHALIE