With a first place in the range, PUNTA REAL « PECHUGA DE PAVO » is one of the most symbolic Mezcal from the « LICORERA OAXAQUEÑA ». The brand asked LINEA, the Spirit Valley Agency, to reposition the image of this high-quality white craft-based Mezcal. From now on, PUNTA REAL distinguished itself from other bottles by its typical and customized shape. Based on the tall bottles specific to the Mescals segment, the shape is elegant and timeless with its own specific characteristics such as a pushed-up area representing the different facets of the agave heart, the marking of the ring or strong shoulders. Emphasis is placed on the craft-based and qualitative aspect of this specific production. The handmade dimension is reflected in using for instance a braided string. The qualitative aspect of this white Mescal is particularly reflected in a textured medium, hot gold ink or an extremely detailed black and white illustration.

market: MEXICO


linea design manager: NATHALIE

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