Beyond the traditional standards owned by the Cognac appellation, Maison LARSEN disinhibits itself by setting a unique and innovative form of expression! Supported by LINEA Packaging Design Agency in its new growth strategy, the gentlemen explorers’ brand modernizes its heritage and its history with the complete reorganisation of its Cognac range. With a slender shape and a thinner profile, the new bottle seems like former travel flasks. With a bordered base, the bottle displays male characteristics and becomes a medium for the customization of the glass. Printed on a material paper with aluminium colours, the labels are modern and crafted to value the brand through a set of matte or shiny textures. Additional details (gilding, stamp and signature) are set as quality and reassurance indicators. As for the stoppers, they confirm the identity of Maison LARSEN and re-register the brand in its group with a repeated pattern of signatures.

customer: LARSEN /
product: RANGE

linea design manager: NATHALIE