For this year 2016, JM Rum are focusing on their roots thanks to the work of LINEA, the Spirits Valley Packaging Design Agency. Completely covered with a sleeve®, the limited edition « J.M. Jungle Macouba » immerses us in its unusual but lush environment. The illustrative work is an unequivocal reminder of the particular site where JM Rum is located: its red-roofed distillery, set up in the North of Martinique in the heart of the tropical forest. Inspired by naive art, that Douanier Rousseau is held to be a key representative, the bottle design gives life to a few typical plants from Martinique Island. Alocasia, Alpinia, Heliconia… blossom in a figurative pictorial style where the dimensions, the colour intensity and the drawing accuracy have been reinterpreted by our agency.

customer : CLÉMENT


strategy : KARINE
linea design manager : VINCENT
designer : CAROLE
illustrator : CLEMENTINE
developer : CEDRIC