LINEA designs the visual identity and pack for GIVEN. GIVEN brings to shelf the erfect alliance between a spirit and a liqueur. This “spiqueur”, as fascinating as it is original, has been extremely successful since its launch  (May 2010) in the USA, becoming a “must have” at prestigious fashion shows and events. The opaque black glass bottle expresses both the mystery and the magic of the night. The “tailor- Made” silhouette mirrors the privileged and VIP events where the product is enjoyed. The “couture” style logo designed expressly for Given is boldly screen printed on the bottle confirming the strength of this brand in a fashionable and trendsetting scene. given has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Flavoured Tequila class at the San Francisco 2010 World Spirits Competition.

product: GIVEN
market: USA


linea design manager: CHRISTOPHE
designer: VINCENT