We are very proud to have worked with French rugby player Clément Praud in designing his first mainstream whisky. BEN COCKY is a scotch whisky blend that breaks all the rules! It embodies a strong and uninhibited rugby spirit, that of a charismatic leader with a touch of arrogance. BEN COCKY is the perfect whisky for the “third half”: the post-match celebrations. It has been designed to be shared with good friends at a restaurant or bar, carrying on the festivities all night long.  Its modern, punchy design is a breath of fresh air for this category of beverages. The dark-tinted bottle takes a handcrafted, authentic approach. Its masculine contour even gives it a bad boy look. The top of the micro-agglomerated cork has been laser engraved. Its raw aesthetic reflects the personality of a gruff but intelligent sportsman. Frank and masculine, the label features bold, contrasting colours, enhanced by a glossy relief varnish on the black and a minimalist graphic design. A lifestyle brand above all, BEN COCKY offers a festive experience based on the noble values of rugby.



Design Manager: NATHALIE
Designer: LAURIANE
Brand Strategy: NATHALIE