The house of BACHE-GABRIELSEN revives its Norwegian origins by updating one of its bestsellers simply called TRE KORS and now a century old. Reinterpreted by LINEA, the packaging design agency from the Spirits Valley, the creation focuses on its unconventional and federative history. This Cognac was quickly meant for pharmacies in order to get around the prohibition period that took place in Norway in the early 20th century. Nowadays, TRE KORS has a good reputation in the collective unconscious of consumers. The new identity precisely enables to reassert this incredible heritage while drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian culture which is precious to the house of BACHE-GABRIELSEN. The labelling which is refined, fresh and functional is a beautiful transition between heritage and modernity. The graphic approach of the label is deliberately technical to relate with pharmacy product category. There are plenty of reassurance elements such as a tin capsule, crushed paper and a personalized bottle. Put together, they confirm the perceived quality of this modern “elixir” that is perfectly suitable to the art of mixology. TRE KORS combines perfectly the Scandinavian way of life and French craftsmanship.

product: TRE KORS


linea design manager: VINCENT