AIRMAIL COCKTAIL is an artisanal range of fresh and premium cocktails to drink at home. Each cocktail is a unique creation, the result of the collaboration of two bartenders from Cognac. The brand trusted us to create its universe: from its visual identity to the design of its packaging. These ready-to-drinks play the card of the derision while being subtle. AIRMAIL COCKTAIL diverts the first use of its bottle (originally an infusion bottle) to make it functional. Each bottle has a scale, making it easy to measure out cocktails. The packaging is sober: pastel colors, soft shapes, a generous label… With this muffled universe, AIRMAIL COCKTAIL is in line with the slowlife philosophy. It wishes to reconnect its consumers around a cocktail experience to be lived at home. The brand regularly renews itself with new cocktails. For the moment, six original recipes are available for sale: Komet, 1828, Josephine, Jumping Ball, King’s Rock and Peach Tea.

product: KOMET, JOSEPHINE, 1838…


Design Manager: VINCENT
Designer: NATHALIE