Maison LARSEN has unveiled the new look of its EXTRA OR Cognac with the creative support of LINEA, the Design Agency from the Spirits Valley. The labelling and sealing clearly state the quintessence of this Cognac focusing its communication on its noble and valuable material. Like a ribbon, gold wraps the full height of the bottle and even extends to its shoulders, neck and opening. In reality, two golden hues combine: the first one with a handmade brushed finish effect and the second one, smooth and shiny for a warmer result. The zamak capping is a continuation of the label with the same hues. As for the bottle neck, it is enhanced by a delicate metallized paper that has been finely embossed and processed according to the codes of jewellery. With this creation, LINEA Agency brings this historical quality product to its climax by giving it personality, distinction and a real perceived value.

customer: LARSEN (ALTIA)
product: EXTRA OR


linea design manager : VINCENT
developer : CÉDRIC