BOTRAN distillery unveils a new premium white rum from Guatemala: “Ron FLOW”, an innovative rum which composition is low in calories. In order to attract a young and innovative target group and make the difference, the new brand asked the LINEA Packaging Design Agency to create the bottle shape and label. Urban and modern, the bottle shape features rectilinear curves with slim and dynamic lines and is deliberately based on vodkas specific codes to capitalise on the pure and natural image of the product. As for the label it is made of acetate transparent material. An abstract bright if not glittering design highlight the bottle, like the plays of lights and illuminations of late-night entertainments. Young, festive and straightforward, the label displays firmly the unique nature of this premium white rum.

customer: BOTRAN
product: RON FLOW 


linea design manager: CLAUDIE
designer: CAROLE
illustrator: CLÉMENTINE