Respectful toward the Gascony terroir and the expertise of its winegrowers, the PLAIMONT wine brand is part of a new initiative with a MADIRAN vintage. Exclusively available to Chinese consumers who are more and more wine lovers, the brand has elected an original approach combining ‘pleasure’ and ‘well-being’. To reassure these future experts LINEA agency created an unequivocal label focusing on the quality resulting from the French origin of the wine. Quality is particularly reflected in the choice of an elegant fibrous paper or the extensive use of traditional codes in the structure and illustrative purpose. The ‘health’ aspect of the product is a second message. A specific work on the cap highlights the benefits of this wine with a crane, the symbol of longevity in China.

customer: PLAIMONT
product: MADIRAN


linea design manager: NATHALIE
designer: ALINE