FÛT 65, a selection of KARUKERA rums was born after a meeting with Luca Gargano. This passionate and imminent rum expert fell under this vintage’s spell. KARUKERA rums created its very first piece of collection from this exceptional cask « favoured by a touch of grace » in Gargano’s own words, FÛT 65 is a top-of-the-range bottle produced in only 209 numbered units. LINEA, the designers from the Spirits Valley, was in charge of the creation that features two fundamental values for the brand: the authenticity of the terroir and the unique skills of the cellar master. A selection of noble and authentic material shows this attachment. Thus, the box is in solid oak and lined in natural cork. The medal is a copper and brass alloy. The straps are in leather. And of course, the bottle is made of crystal. The shape of the box is a reminder of the cask when viewed in cross section. Worked as a display, the bottle is sublimated in its centre, like a treasure.

customer: KARUKERA
product: FÛT 65

linea design manager: NATHALIE, VINCENT
developer: CÉDRIC