Duc de Boulogne embarks on a new project… The rapper BOOBA is launching D.U.C, a French triple cask whisky developed in partnership with Maison DAUCOURT. The graphical approach – conceptualized and designed by LINEA, the designers from the Spirits Valley – is totally at odds with the market conventions. With this illustrated label of an eagle-owl, the brand is at the crossroads of two cultures: rap and tattoos. The anagram D.U.C conveys authority, power and masculinity. The bottle stands out for its black satin coating with decorations mixing screen printing and gold hot-stamping. The cap in real wax seals the stamp to establish a ritual special to the brand upon opening. The back of the bottle is partly transparent to show the golden reflections of the whisky. With its Identity and disruptive aspect, this whisky reflects the image of its creator.

product: D.U.C WHISKY

linea design manager: NATHALIE, VINCENT
developer: CÉDRIC