Through the opportunity of 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration, the Bisquit Cognac House hires LINEA Packaging design agency for the creation of the « BISQUIT XO – YEAR OF THE GOAT » limited edition. Targeted to Asian markets and more specifically Chinese ones, this rare Cognac blend is commemorating the zodiac sign of Alexandre Bisquit, founder of the Bisquit House in 1819. The decanter and the gift box are ornamented with these specific attributes of the new year. The « goat » sinogram can be seen on different places on the dress box, including a hand made wax seal. Each piece is numbered and signed from the Cellarmaster. This bright modern and contemporary packaging, BISQUIT XO – YEAR OF THE GOAT, is auguring a prosperous and promising success in 2015.

customer: DISTELL
market: CHINA

linea design manager: VINCENT
déeveloper: CÉDRIC